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Hot Water Jetting

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Rick The Plumber High-Pressure Jetting Services



Rick The Plumber is now offering High-Pressure Jetting services. High-Pressure jetting service offers an alternative to your standard augering/drain snaking technology.


Standard drain snaking technology involved a motor spinning a steel cable with a cutting head attached to the end. The cable is then fed into the pipe and either chewed, cut or mashed whatever it comes into contact with. This technology was invented in 1933 and has served as the primary means for cleaning pipes.



Many plumbers today still use the traditional means of cleaning sewers through a drain snaking style type device. However, High-Pressure jetters offer an alternative solution and newer technology than the traditional drain snaking for cleaning sewers. Many times, a combination of both types of devices can provide a great solution for clogged or root infested pipes.



In terms of effectiveness, the drain snaking device is extremely useful in allowing the pipe to drain and effectively can clear a blocked drain or clogged pipe. In terms of adequately cleaning the pipe and providing a longer term solution, the high-pressure jetter with an effective end nozzle can be a very beneficial device in removing tree roots and other growth which develops along the pipe line.

High-Pressure Jetting is commonly becoming the preferred method of re-establishing water flow. High pressure jetting not only removes a blockage but washes away all debris found within a pipe. Using high-pressure water is faster and less physically labor intensive than use of a mechanical rodding or cable machine. High-Pressure Jetting units maintain constant working pressure and cleaning power at the nozzle end.



Mechanical machines will lose cutting and torque power as rod or cable distances increase within pipelines from the point of entry. High-Pressure Jetting has another advantage over cable or rodding machines. Where access is difficult, a lightweight, flexible jet hose is a safer and more practical solution. Pipelines that are suspended from ceilings or catwalks are easily cleaned using a high-pressure jetting hose rather than a heavy, cumbersome mechanical drain cleaning machine. Cleaning vertical stacks or vents is easier with a high pressure jetting unit and lightweight jetting hose than with heavy drain cleaning cables or rods.



Over the past 70 years sewer & drain lines have been installed with little or no attention paid to routine pipeline maintenance. The "bury and forget" or "out of sight, out of mind" attitudes toward sewer lines has now led to a growing maintenance and rehabilitation industry. With increased collection system integrity & environmental concerns, inspection of wastewater collection systems has become a major market application for high pressure jetting units. Pre-cleaning of sewer and drain pipelines with high pressure water prior to televised inspection (CCTV) surveys for determination of pipeline structural integrity is now a recognized standard operating procedure. Cleaning and CCTV inspection of laterals and pipes under buildings for structural defects is also growing in demand, especially at the time of property transfers.



If you have any questions about these new developments in our industry, don't hesitate to call our office for more details.

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